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Discover the only program you need to fast track your business success, create your online course, and attract excited buyers in just 10 weeks


Join the popular LIVE SOMBA Kickstart program and go from overwhelmed and overthinking to taking action with our proven process.


Do you wish someone could just tell you exactly what to do to get results in your online business?

With SOMBA Kickstart, you'll create your first or next online course to attract your ideal clients and build your list with our proven step-by-step process, all in just 10 weeks.

The online business world can feel like a jungle. With all the strategies and information out there, it’s no surprise that you don’t know WHAT you should actually do to create the results you want in your online business.

So instead of taking focused action, you’re spinning around in circles, overthinking your every move:

Which technology do I need?
Should I focus on my website or my freebie first?
How do I get people to sign up for my email list?
Is my offer any good?
How can I get clear on my messaging and find the right people?….

The list goes on and on.

But if you’re tired of the trial and error that costs you time and money and feels like you’re going nowhere (fast)…. Then I’m so glad you’re here. Because here’s what I know for sure:

Figuring out your next steps in online business doesn’t have to be so hard.


What if there was a clear step-by-step process that practically guarantees your success?

When I created my signature program a few years ago, I gave it my all. I created the best content possible, I delivered so much value and then… People weren’t following through.

Instead, they got stuck in their heads. And they were overthinking their every move.

While I KNEW that my program would help them, I knew that now I needed to create a process that gets them to take consistent action and follow through.

That’s when the Kickstart process was born!

It’s a process that I’ve tested with 1000 other entrepreneurs just like you…. And it has an incredible 90% completion rate! That is almost unheard of in the online business space, but it’s true.

The Kickstart process practically guarantees your success
. And when you choose to follow it and #trusttheprocess, you can achieve almost magical results.

Are you ready to find out exactly what steps to take, when to take them and in what order so that you can finally have the successful online business you want?

"SOMBA Kickstart is a life changing experience that will - in the best way possible - turn your business and life upside down. You will do brave things - and you will make money with it. You will overcome your fears and doubts - and start doing. You can't imagine making a course in only 10 weeks? Sigrun will teach you that you are capable of waaaay more than you think yourself. She believes in you before you do it. You will succeed - because you can."
- Judith

"One mistake I always make is wanting to do everything at once, but during the 10-week Kickstart process, I learned to take things step by step. When the course finished, I offered 1:1 sessions as an upsell where clients would focus on applying what they had learned in the course. All sales combined, I made $10K. I want to thank Sigrun and her team for all the support. Sigrun’s sometimes tough but clear advice was what truly helped me, and what often put a smile on my face."
- Christa

"If you want to really manifest the course idea that you have, and do it even faster than you believe you can manage, do the Somba Kickstart. You will get very detailed, practical, and step by step information about the preparations, the marketing automation, the course itself and even the sale of it afterwards. All given to you by an excellently organized team, that will make you fly through the process like a golden bullet, whether you are ready or not. And before you know it, your course is there, and you can know that you did it yourself. You're the boss."
- Anastasia

"Would I have ever created a course in this short amount of time without being in Sigrun’s program? Not in a hundred years! That’s why I want to tell everyone who’s on the fence: Take a leap, make that step. I feel gifted that I participated in this program, happy about all the people I met, and impressed by how hands-on Sigrun was in the course. This is the way to go for everyone who wants to start their own online business... I made $14K selling my 12-month group program and never expected to make this kind of money, especially since I had started out with 0 people on my email list."
- Gretel


SOMBA Kickstart is the only online program you need to stop overthinking and fast track your online business success!

There is no better way to build and grow your business than by getting the momentum of the 10-week Kickstart…

Kickstart is not a course. It’s a 10-week implementation and accountability group coaching program where you get clear steps to focus on every week. So you can make continuous progress.

And you walk away with a finished course, a list of potentially hundreds of people who are interested in it, and you’ll even have the chance to make sales like many of our past Kickstarters did!

Even if you already have an online business or course, Kickstart is invaluable to get you to the next level, get you more reach and to help ensure you set yourself up for growth.

So instead of wasting more time on overthinking and trying to decide your next steps.... You’ll be able to take a SHORTCUT with the SOMBA Kickstart… No matter your starting point.

Ingrid went from having no email list and no money to doing a $30K launch and making 6-figures in her first year

When Ingrid signed up for SOMBA, she had no email list and no course.

Over the span of 10 weeks in Kickstart she learned how to build her email list and immediately grew it to 500 subscribers. She learned how to sell online which she had never done before.

She created her first online course in Kickstart and I could barely believe it when I heard she had then sold 87 spots in her upsell offer and made $8700. She made her investment back three times!

Ingrid kept going and used what she learned in Kickstart to launch again - this time she made $30K! And she just recently sold her first $10K offer (something that seemed like an unachievable dream to her just a few weeks ago). Her business reached 6 figures within a year, which completely changed Ingrid’s life and the lives of her husband and three young children.

“I had a $30K launch. I made so much money that I was able to cancel my 1:1s for the rest of the year. Putting an offer out there for this price was way out of my comfort zone, but Sigrun’s program helped me to be confident enough to take the step.

What I like most about it all is that it’s so much fun. Sigun provides a clear path and process that works and at the same time leaves enough room for me to experiment with my own ideas. She made me see that I don’t have to have so many different offers, but that I benefit much more from strategically choosing where to invest my energy in and offer the right thing.”

Ingrid is absolutely amazing.

And if she can do it? You can do it too!

That’s exactly what the Kickstart process is for! To get you out of your head and into action mode - because that’s where you create epic results like Ingrid.

But if you haven’t created epic results like this yet… Then it’s probably because you fell into one of the 3 most common traps.

Did you fall into the 3 most common traps that keep entrepreneurs stuck at the same level?

After working with thousands of entrepreneurs over the last seven years, I’ve seen it time and time again. They don’t have the successful businesses of their dreams because they either fall into one - or all - of these common traps:

So you heard about landing pages and freebies and email lists and funnels and whatnot… But there are SO many options out there that you feel totally overwhelmed and clueless about where to start. You don’t want to waste your time and hard earned money on strategies that won’t work… But HOW can you know what will work for you and WHERE should you even start?

Whether it’s online or offline, you’ve been in business for a while and you have clients. YAY! The only problem? If you're so busy with your clients that you never have time to create your course, launch your group program or do any of the things that will grow and scale your business. You're tired from working with so many clients all day every day…. But you have no clue how to break out of this cycle since you have no time to spare and if you take on less clients, your income shrinks.

There are so many strategies out there! You’re not stuck in overthinking, you’re trapped in overdoing instead. You don’t have a clear path, so you do EVERYTHING without one clear focused plan and you feel like you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall. You feel exhausted, overworked and frustrated because even though you put in so much time and energy, you have very little to show for it at the end of the day.


Do any or all of the above sound familiar to you?

The reason why I know all these traps so well is because I have gone through all these stages myself many years ago. And I’ve helped thousands of clients overcome the exact same struggles through Kickstart.

Hi, I’m Sigrun.

When I started my own online business 7 years ago, I was throwing spaghetti at the wall.

I wasted a lot of time on the wrong things. I did a couple of 6-8 week online courses on how to build an online business but that wasn’t enough for me. I needed more support and more accountability. And that’s exactly what I’m offering you in Kickstart.

After 7 years in business and 8 million in revenue I can assure you that I finally figured it all out, but it wasn’t until I invested in myself and promised myself that I would take myself and my business seriously. I didn’t want a side business, I wanted to have a real business making real money and have a real impact.

In the last 7 years I have worked with thousands of women helping them start and scale their online businesses. I draw from my previous experience of being a CEO for a decade working on startups, mergers and fast growth companies with revenue in the range of 7-8 figures.

Crazy, that I didn’t realise that this was the perfect business idea right from the beginning. After being fully booked for a year and then selling out all my group coaching and mastermind programs for another 2 years, I knew it was time to create an online course that I could scale. I wanted to create the program that I wished had existed when I was starting and growing my own online business. A program that has everything you need to know about creating your course and building a list… And that actually gets you to take action!

Kickstart is exactly that. The program that practically guarantees your success, no matter if you want to create your first or your next online course.

That’s why we have so many Kickstart re-takers who do the program once, celebrate incredible wins and then continue to do it with us every single round.

They love that they can simply trust the process, never have to feel overwhelmed and achieve amazing success in just 10 weeks.

Do you want that too? Then joining Kickstart is a decision you’ll never regret.

After just 10 weeks in Kickstart you’ll walk away with…

  • Your first or next online course created from start to finish and ready to sell
  • An email list filled with your ideal clients who are excited to buy (no matter if you’re starting your list at zero or already have thousands of people on it)
  • World-class testimonials of raving fans who have participated in your course that you can use to sell it with ease
  • Clarity on your next offer including how much to sell it for and to who
  • A network of like-minded entrepreneurs and potential clients
  • The confidence you need to sell your online course and grow your business
  • And the chance to make some sales as the cherry on top

Kickstart gives you the exact structure you need to achieve all of that and more in just 10 weeks.

But if you’re anything like me and you’re afraid that a structure might be limiting or restrictive, then here’s what you need to know:


I hated structure. Until I realized that - ironically - structure gives you freedom and peace of mind

I used to think that structure is limiting and restrictive. But after I learned the hard way and realized that it’s actually the opposite, I designed the Kickstart process around a structure that practically guarantees you results.

That’s why Kickstart has a 90% completion rate. And that’s why thousands of entrepreneurs successfully finished the program.

Because the structure you get with Kickstart sets you free.


  • You’ll be free from overwhelm, because you WON’T have 93 different strategies to choose from.
  • You’ll be free from confusion, because you’ll have one clear path you can trust and rely on.
  • You’ll be free from overthinking because you’ll know exactly which steps to take and when.
  • And you’ll be free from second-guessing your every move because you get to follow a trusted and proven process that has worked for hundreds of entrepreneurs before you

And as long as you keep showing up, it WILL work for you as well!

Frida took her business online when the pandemic hit and achieved 1350 sign ups for her first ever online course!

Frida teaches yoga for pain relief to women who have pelvic problems. Having suffered from a severe birth injury herself, she didn’t get any help from the health care system at the time so she learned how to heal herself, and started offering workshops and classes with exercises in different cities in Sweden.

When the pandemic hit, she had to switch from offline to online classes. That’s when she decided to join Kickstart.

Frida got 1350 sign ups for her first ever online course through following the Kickstart process! She quit her job and went full time with her business, focusing on her dream and helping women who need her.

“What I loved about Kickstart was that I could just trust the process. Receiving all the material at once would have been overwhelming, so I really appreciated the week-by-week structure. I never had to think of the next step - I just followed the process. There was also not much philosophical talk about creating an online business - we could spend years figuring that out - but instead, the focus was on taking action instead of making everything perfect. The support from the group and mentors was extremely valuable and I've made friends for life!

At the end, I presented my offer: A 10-week online course for $745. At first, sales started to drip in very slowly and doubts formed in my head. But as the deadline of my open cart approached, more and more women signed up. I ended up making $31K in my first launch!”

Frida has trusted the Kickstart process and achieved incredible results.

And if she can do it? You can do it too!

In SOMBA Kickstart you will:

The 3 core components of Kickstart that will fast track your online business success

Kickstart is designed to get you going and take the overwhelm out of building your online business.

We’ll focus on 3 core components that will immediately set you on your path and get you ready to sell at the end of the process:

Craft a message that will resonate with your ideal client.

Build your audience and get them on your email list.

Show them what you’re made and create and deliver a course they will be excited about.

Then you can make an offer that fits them based on all you learn in the process. We’ve had Kickstart students make 5 figures because of their clear and compelling offers!

Here is exactly how Kickstart works and takes you through the 3 components…

Kickstart is an action-focused and results-oriented 10-week LIVE group coaching intensive where you get out of your own way, ditch your excuses and create epic success

We start in January and then the Kickstart program runs for 10 weeks.

Week by week you will get clear tasks to complete - 100% overwhelm-free! You’ll be part of an amazing community of other women in business who are going through the same process with you.

Our fantastic coaches and mentors will be there with weekly coaching calls to support you, answer your questions and hold you accountable.

Part of the Kickstart success formula and reason for the 90% completion rate is that you DON’T know everything from the start. Which is why our hashtag is


So I won’t tell you exactly what will happen in the program each week. Instead, I will invite you to trust the process right now, and simply experience the magic of Kickstart if you’re ready to get out of your own way and create the success you want!

Therese sold 27 spots for her course and made $22K while she was having a baby!

Therese was working as a massage therapist and healer for ten years. But when she started getting troubles with back pain, she realized that she needed to shift her income from massage clients to something else. That’s when she decided to create online courses and signed up for Kickstart.

“I had a very special reason to finish my course on time: I was pregnant, and the baby was about to arrive around the same time the Kickstart program would finish.

During the 10 weeks, I grew my email list and got a lot of input from my participants on the content of my course, which gave me great new ideas I hadn’t thought of before. But my greatest success was this:

I ended up selling 27 new spots on my signature course, making around $22,000, all while giving birth to my child. This money will keep my business going for the next months in this crisis brought by the pandemic. Before I made my sales, I wasn’t even sure if I could keep the business running and pay the bills for another month.

The money I made during the Kickstart sale has saved my business, and now I can finally relax a bit more, focus on my family and not worry about the economy.

Being in Kickstart really helped me to focus on my goal. I was worried about being pregnant and doing all this work, and the beginning crisis. Sigrun and the mentors cheered us on, keeping our spirits up, and the support of other participants in the Kickstart group was inspiring.”

I couldn’t make stories like these up if I wanted to.

And you know what I’m going to say next: If Therese can do it, you can do it too!

Here’s what you get in the 10-week Kickstart Program

    • 10 weeks of action-focused input, released week by week to make sure you’re never overwhelmed and always on track

    • 10 group coaching calls with Team Sigrun coaches to answer your questions and help you follow through

    • Support and accountability from our international and mainly European community

    • Access to a global network of potential clients for your course where we will promote your course for you

    • Additional tech recommendations and step-by-step implementation videos to make sure technology is never holding you back

    • Kickstart mentors who have gone through the process before you and are there to answer your questions and give additional feedback and support

    • The tested and proven step-by-step Kickstart process to fast track your online business without overwhelm that practically guarantees your success

    • Your own Kickstart buddy for extra accountability, feedback and support

  • The loving kick in the butt you need to get out of your own way :)

"I have looked at countless courses, even bought them - to start with my online business. Nothing has really worked, often just a lot of self-promotion but no information, no clear instructions. In Somba Kickstart this is completely different - here you get structured instructions on how to proceed - and also instructions that can be implemented. You will also always have the feeling that there is somebody who helps you when things don't go on - an awesome community. The whole team is just incredible - I always have the feeling that everyone is really interested in my success! And the most amazing thing is, that after only 2 weeks I started my first online course - simply unimaginable for me before. In short - the best investment you can make!"
- Manuela

"To go ahead we all need a community. As an entrepreneur it's so easy to not see the forest for all the trees in it. Being a part of the SOMBA Kickstart community has been a game changer for me. Not just regarding my business, but also when it comes to my personal life. I now have the right techniques and support system in my back - and that makes it easier to focus on the right things at the right time. Both Sigrun and her coaches do what they can to help you succeed. They are like some guardian angels looking out for each and every one of us. We get the kick in the b*** that we need, but in a gentle and serving way. Thank you!"
- Karine

"Joining SOMBA Kickstart was the craziest thing I have done so far in my life. It gave me confidence in my skills and knowledge and helped me to start my online business from stage zero. I am sure I would never reach such great results without SOMBA Kickstart. It took me more energy and time than I expected at the start, but also gave me much better results at the end than I expected. I am especially thankful for the non-stop FB group support, where all my questions were answered very promptly, what helped and encouraged me a lot. I feel very grateful for this experience."
- Jana

"When I signed up for SOMBA Kickstart, I was mostly interested in all the content, as I am looking to grow my business and to become more professional. What I didn't expect was to discover a whole new angle to my current business within the first few weeks after starting the course! The Kickstart program is amazing, and I feel like I've taken giant steps, not only for the future of my business, but on a personal level too...thanks to SOMBA Kickstart, I have learned to come out of my shell, to open myself up to the world, and to share my experience and passion with people from an authentic place within myself that I didn't even know existed!"
- Sandra

Kickstart takes the guesswork and the overthinking out of online business

Whether you want to get online fast or fast track your existing online business, with the proven step-by-step process in Kickstart, you’ll create epic results in just 10 weeks.

Most people struggle to finally get traction in their online business, they don’t know where to start, get overwhelmed and end up stuck. With the 10-Week Kickstart, you get to follow a proven process that has allowed thousands of entrepreneurs to fast track their online business - even if they felt lost in the online business world before.

Take the guesswork and overwhelm out of your online business, and get traction in just 10 weeks. You’ll be inspired, motivated and held accountable by an amazing group of other entrepreneurs… Plus you’ll have the support of mentors and Team Sigrun to keep you going and make sure you achieve your goals.


What’s the difference between Kickstart and other online programs?

I guarantee that Kickstart is unlike any other online program you’ve ever done. To be honest… It's so unique that it was quite hard for me and my team to capture the power of this program on this page.

But let me give you an overview of how Kickstart is different from other programs you might have experienced so far:


Are you ready to experience the magic of Kickstart yourself? To finally take action, get out of your own way and fast track your online business success in just 10 weeks?

Then join Kickstart now and don’t waste any more time!

Here’s all the support and accountability you get with
SOMBA Kickstart

Weekly Content Modules
Released on Mondays that give you simple and clear step by step instructions that take the confusion and overwhelm out of your launch

Weekly Group Coaching Calls
With Team Sigrun coaches to hold you accountable, answer your questions and keep you on track with your goals

Access to recordings of all calls
so that you can come back to them during the time of the program and won’t miss out on anything

Easy-to-implement Templates
For all the materials you need to craft your message, build your list and promote your course - from landing pages to emails, you can simply adjust the templates to fit your business and save huge amounts of time and money! (This alone is worth joining SOMBA Kickstart)

Private Facebook Community
To connect with other amazing entrepreneurs, share your wins and get feedback To be featured on a special page with your webinar and offer so that potential clients can find you with ease

Your Own Kickstart Buddy
To bounce ideas off each other, have a mini-mastermind and get additional peer support

Choose the option that's right for you:


Upfront Payment






Payment Plan


for 3 months



Payment Methods Accepted (Paypal for full pay only)

Need help or have questions? Email us at [email protected]


While it is absolutely possible for you to make sales during this 10-week program, we cannot take responsibility for your sales and are not making a specific promise regarding your sales numbers. If you take action and implement the strategies, you will absolutely see tangible results, but these will differ from business to business and depend on a variety of factors (such as the size of your audience, your commitment, previous efforts and so on).

Covid destroyed her business but Lee took it online with Kickstart, had 720 course sign ups and made $31K

When Covid hit it destroyed Lee’s business. The fact that Kickstart was about creating a course rather than just reading about how to do it really appealed to her and she signed up for Kickstart.

“I learned so much about building an online business, but the biggest breakthrough for me was noticing where I would normally stop myself and this time, keep going. Sigrun asked us to get as many signups to our course as possible and when I reached 150 after the first 36 hours, I thought about stopping. But I kept going and got 720 signups! This was a really important life lesson for me, to allow myself to stretch and see what is possible.

It was inspiring to create a course and a community in such a short amount of time, and be surrounded by the other women in the Kickstart Facebook group. I believe that sharing ideas and tips with each other allowed me to produce amazing results.

I ended up making 36 sales, which amounted to over $31K and I’m delighted. This was an unexpected bonus at the end of the process. Now, I will redesign the course I created and make it into a six-week course I will launch in October.

The money I made during the Kickstart sale has saved my business, and now I can finally relax a bit more, focus on my family and not worry about the economy.

I want to say thank you to Sigrun and her team for the structure and support to enable me to have created not one online offer but two, and to have made money from it within the first 10 weeks. You rock!”

I couldn’t make stories like these up if I wanted to.

Isn’t it amazing? If Lee can do it, you can do it, too!

"SOMBA Kickstart is a program for those who REALLY want to DO something instead of just DREAMING about it. You learn a lot, and you learn the most by implementing it. This is what really differentiates SOMBA from other programs. PLUS the supportive and warm community where one can ask ANY questions and gets help. AND if you like to have a coach that is straightforward and knows what she talks about: Sigrun is the one. I’m so grateful that I took the opportunity to join SOMBA and that I’m running my first online course ever! Don't miss the chance to join SOMBA Kickstart!"
- Anna

"When you want to start your online business all you need is SOMBA Kickstart. You learn everything you need and you are part of a worldwide community. Sigrun is very competent, feels with you and is a true leader, the community is helpful and you can form friendships at the same time :-) I highly recommend it :-)"
- Elke

"I think that SOMBA Kickstart is the greatest online program you can participate in. Everything is put together with so much knowledge and professionality but also with love and fun. This is so important for learning! With the program you can actually build your online business step by step. You only have to follow what Sigrun gives you within her program, everything and every step is explained, you don't have to go out searching for anything. The support within the SOMBA Kickstart group is huge. You will never and nowhere find a group of people so caring, loving and supportive of each other. This is my declaration of love to SOMBA Kickstart and Sigrun. Thank you for everything!"
- Franziska

"I would say go for it! You can spend weeks, months and maybe even years researching, trying, failing and starting all over again… or you can join SOMBA Kickstart and follow Sigrun's process. You will arrive at your destination faster and with greater results."
- Tania

Frequently Asked Questions

"In just 10 weeks you get more results than in a year you could achieve by yourself. During SOMBA Kickstart you learn how to take action fast instead of just planning things. SOMBA Kickstart will give you confidence, enhance your online business skills and grow your email list so that you can take your business to the next level. This is the ONE course you need to take if you want to start your online business."
- Niina

"It is worth every penny. Be prepared to invest time, blood and tears. But put in the work, trust the process and SOMBA Kickstart will transform both you as a person and get you on track to your online business dreams, if not beyond. "
- Marianne

"DO IT!! You will achieve things in only 10 weeks you would otherwise take 2 years doing. The confidence and support you get is so good. I was a little bit afraid of Sigrun(haha) and that is why I picked her. She is firm but loving and teaches boundaries in business and if I had a soft teacher I would just procrastinate:) The time frame is intensive. It is like you don't have time to think about all that could go wrong. No time to marinade in fear."
- Kristin

"Enroll! Now! It will totally change your perspective, give you useful (no bullshit) insights and knowledge on how to build and grow an online business, from people who already did what you want to do! It will definitely help you get out of your head and get things done! You will learn from the best!"
- Joana

Now it’s your turn: Is it one day or day one?

Most people never get started.
Most people spend their lives waiting for the perfect moment.
Waiting to feel ready.
Waiting to have all the information, all the steps perfectly planned out and all the answers in advance.

And that’s exactly why most people don’t have successful businesses and aren’t living their dreams.

I am known for being straight forward and telling it like it is… So here’s the truth for you:

The perfect time will never come.
You’ll never be fully ready.
And waiting for that “one day”?

It's an illusion that’s going to hold you back for years.

So instead of waiting for “one day” to come, I encourage you to make a bold decision right now and choose that...

TODAY is your day one.

Join us for Kickstart and DECIDE that now is your time. Choose to work with what you have and move forward instead of waiting for something to be perfect. Come on this 10-week journey together with an amazing group of other women (and a few men) like you and start taking action towards your dreams!

What is it going to be? One day, or day one?


Upfront Payment





SOMBA Kickstart

Payment Plan


for 3 months



Payment Methods Accepted (Paypal for full pay only)

Need help or have questions? Email us at [email protected]

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