Are you ready to grow your business and scale to consistent $10K - $20K months?

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Our exclusive 12-month group coaching program where you get the personalized support, accountability and proven process, to take your business to 6 figures and beyond.

If you want to...

  • Learn to launch successfully so that you can sell more in less time
  • Create an ascension model for repeat business so that your clients will come back for more
  • ​Create scalable programs to leverage your time and energy whilst growing your income
  • ​Learn how to use paid advertising for faster growth without wasting time or money
  • ​Build a team so that you can focus on what you do best instead of spreading yourself too thin
  • ​Achieve consistent $10K-$20K months

Then you might be a perfect match for Momentum.

And you’ve probably asked yourself...

“Does growing my business really have to be so overwhelming, confusing and hard?”

I get it. And I asked myself the same question a couple years ago in my own business. Back then I had no plan, I was “throwing spaghetti at the wall” and if there’s one thing I would change, it would be to get support sooner.

I thought because I had a degree in business and business experience, that I could just do this all on my own. But without support and clarity on which steps will work for me and my specific business goals? I was all over the place, I was working way too much but I still didn’t see the growth I hoped for.

Because the real results, the big wins and the consistent 5-figure (and later on even 6-figure) months only started coming in when I finally started to get support.

So to answer the question from above: No, it absolutely doesn’t have to be so overwhelming, confusing and hard to grow your business... IF you have a process you can trust, the support to give you clarity and the accountability to keep you on track with your goals.

And all of that? Is exactly what you’ll get in Momentum - and more.

Over €100K a year

I created my signature program last December and made €24k in my first launch and €31k in my second launch. I’m earning over €100k a year. Even if I would have doubled my rates as a freelancer, I would never have reached this number. - Judith Peters (Copywriting Coach, Sympatexter)

Sold my program to 37 people

I sold my four week group program to 37 people, charging €350 as an early bird price and €450 as a regular price. Apart from the money, I realised that I have what it takes to be successful. Everything is clicking into place, and it feels so rewarding. - Heidi Krenn (Vocal Coach)

Introducing Momentum

A 12 Month Group Coaching and Mastermind Experience designed to take your business straight to the top

Momentum combines the benefits of a powerful group coaching program with a mastermind experience to give you the support, accountability and trusted process you need to leap forward in your business.

You’ll have direct access to Sigrun and her team of expert Momentum coaches with 1-2 coaching calls every week. This means you’ll get specific answers to all your questions, personal feedback and support for every single step you take in your business…. so that your days of overwhelm and confusion are a thing of the past.

You’ll be part of an ambitious mastermind community of other bold action takers who will hold you accountable, where you get to bounce ideas off each other, celebrate your wins and receive support when you feel challenged.

Here’s How Momentum Works

Get started with your action plan and coach
You fill out a questionnaire when you join and based on your answers you’ll create a personal 90-day action plan. Then you’ll get together with a coach on Team Sigrun who will review your 90-day plan and check in with you to help keep you accountable.

Review your results with your coach
You will have a private 1-on-1 call with your coach to review your results and next steps after your first 90 days in the program.

Benefit from weekly coaching calls
There are up to 2 support coaching calls every week with a different topic like Facebook ads, sales, copywriting, strategy etc. with Momentum coaches to make sure you get all the support you need.

Get daily support, feedback and accountability
In our private Facebook group you get daily support from our Momentum Coaches and have peer support 24/7. You’ll always feel supported and know what to do next.

Take advantage of 2 private emergency calls
If at any time you need some additional support, you have access to book two 15-minute private calls with one of the Team Sigrun coaches during the year.

Join 60-day Action Sprints to fast-track your goals
Momentum also includes 60-day sprints. These sprints give you a chance to join a challenge to reach the goal of that sprint within a short amount of time. Each sprint has a different topic where you will be guided on what to do and how during the duration of the sprint.

Meet Your Momentum Coaches


Sigrun is on a mission to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship. She is the leading business mentor for female online entrepreneurs in Europe, TEDx speaker, and host of the Sigrun Show podcast.

In 2014, Sigrun started her online business and within 4 years she built a 7 figure business helping women from all over the world.
She is known for giving direct advice and providing no-nonsense strategy and has helped thousands of women create and scale profitable online businesses.


For over 20 years, Lynn has been immersed in digital marketing and strategy and for the past 5 years, she has been part of Team Sigrun helping to take the business from 6 to 7 figures.

She is a strategist with experience in digital marketing, marketing automation, launching, social media, online learning, sales and conversion optimization, branding, and website design and production. Like Sigrun, she tells it like it is and is here to help you succeed.


Merilyn is a leadership coach & CEO advisor who has worked internationally for over 25 years helping businesses and their owners grow.

She now focuses on helping solopreneurs grow their businesses and become brand/thought/niche leaders.

Merilyn is a solo mum, also has an Architecture Degree and began her first business at 15 years old.


Jennifer is known in the online marketing world as the leading creative and sales strategist behind many online female leaders including: Ali Brown, Claire Zammit, Barbara Stanny and most recently here on Team Sigrun.

She has over 18 years' experience working with clients all around the world to expand their reach and sales through authentic enrollment conversations and out-of-the-box sales strategies.


Jackie is a Facebook Ads strategist and owns a digital marketing agency that caters to female-owned online businesses. She believes Facebook Ads, while important, aren't the whole picture. They're just a piece of the puzzle. And she makes an effort to take a much deeper look at all the pieces of your marketing, how they fit together and how to tweak and otpimize to increase your ROI.

Her goal is to help you make more money with your marketing and stop leaving money on the table.


Hannah is a highly sought-after copywriter. Her specialty is creating high conversions based on personality and building lasting relationships through deep emotional connection.

Over the past 7 years, she’s been the brain behind the copy of several launches that brought in millions of dollars within a few weeks, and has worked with hundreds of one-woman businesses as well as multi-million dollar companies across the globe. She teaches in English and German.

Who's in Momentum?

We have a broad variety of different businesses in Momentum.
Here are some examples of who will be in the group with you:

  • Lona is a music teacher who holds her piano lessons online
  • ​Kasia is a language teacher who teaches Danish online
  • ​Gudrun teaches movement and holds her classes online ​
  • Heidi is a vocal teacher who has taken her coaching online ​
  • Ingrid is a stylist who has taken her styling online
  • ​Stefanie teaches playful learning for children who has launched a membership for parents
  • ​Johdi has a pilates studio who has started an online membership and virtual fitness coaching
  • Judith is a copywriter who is offers copywriting programs online ​
  • Agnieszka teaches creative handmade crafts workshops

These are just a small fraction of the amazing business owners we have in Momentum.

It’s time to get out of the messy beginner phase and create big results in your business

If you want to stay stuck in the start-up phase where you work around the clock, Momentum is not for you.

If you’re not willing to take bold action, trust the process and go for your big dreams, Momentum is not for you.

If you’d rather make excuses and stay in your comfort zone, Momentum is also not for you.

But if you’re ready to take a leap to scale and grow your business...
If you’re ready for consistent $10K - $20K months (or more)...
and you want the clarity, support and accountability that gets you there...

Then we can’t wait to welcome you in our amazing group.

Apply for Momentum now and take your business to the next level of income and growth

To ensure we have a high-level group of ambitious entrepreneurs, Momentum is by application only. Here are your next easy steps to join:

  1. Click the “Apply Now” Button below to complete your application and book a Discovery Call.
  2. During the call we’ll discuss your business and figure out if Momentum is the right fit for you.
  3. If you’re a fit for the program, we’ll get you started as soon as possible.

What is the story you want to share 12 months from now?

The way I see it, you have two options...

You can either continue to struggle to do it all on your own, you can exhaust yourself, try a million different strategies and hope that at the end of the day, one of them will get you the clients, the sales and the consistent income you want.


You can step up now. Have the courage to invest in yourself. Take action that shows you’re serious about lasting success in your business... And apply for Momentum today.

Because the truth is:

Overnight success doesn’t exist - successful businesses are built step by step.

That’s why Momentum is a 12-month program, giving you enough time to achieve true milestones in your business, if you’re ready to invest in yourself.

Are you ready to create big results? Apply for Momentum now.

When you join SOMBA Momentum, you'll have immediate access to:

  • ​12-month group coaching program ​
  • Weekly support coaching calls with Momentum coaches ​
  • Daily support from Momentum coaches in the Facebook group
  • ​60-Day Accountability Sprints ​
  • Self-led Mastermind Groups set up by Team Sigrun
  • ​Peer-led SOMBA Momentum Private Facebook Group ​
  • Exclusive community of ambitious women ready to take action ​
  • 12-month access to SOMBA - all content, activities and FB group
  • Ticket to Selfmade Summit in Reykjavik, Iceland 2021

Momentum is an investment in yourself, your business and your growth. With the in-depth support, personal attention and accountability you get, you are set up to make your investment back, possibly many times over.

I could easily charge $30K for a high-level group coaching program like Momentum that takes you to consistent $10K and $20K months... You can join Momentum for 12 months and get everything included for $13,000.

Are you ready to grow?

Then apply for Momentum and schedule your call with Team Sigrun who will tell you more about the program and explore whether it’s the right next step for you.



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A year from today, you could be making consistent $10-$20k months or more!

Momentum is the program for you if you want to scale your online business. There’s never been a better time (that's right, even now).

The time to take action is now.

Imagine having a clear direction, taking confident steps toward where you want to be because you chose to invest in yourself.

I believe that anything is possible. And once we’ve spent twelve months together, you will too.

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